Welcome to the SaltyPixel Store!

The SaltyPixel store is the Best! place for the latest ranks and perks for the SaltyPixel server. Whether you want to show off your new rank or simply want to boost your progress in the game!

Remember that your donation goes towards covering costs to keep the server up and as well, this allows us to be able to continue offering exclusive features only available in SaltyPixel.

Terms and Conditions

Before making any donation, make sure you have read the terms and conditions that involve the purchase of our virtual products.

I. Chargebacks.

If you request a refund or chargeback with your payment provider, You will lose your items and your Money!

II. Questions.

If you have any queries regarding our store packages or the server itself, join our Discord server or contact Twitter using the link below and ask your question there. Also we Have a Live Chat Back on the Main Website! Leave your Email or Email founders@saltypixel.ga and We will Respond!

Discord: discord.saltypixel.ga

Twitter: @PixelSalty